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Grape variety:100% Nebbiolo

Production area: Boca, Prato Sesia

Exposure of the vineyards: South, South-West

Altitude of the vineyards: 400-460 metres above sea level

Surface area:0.5 hectares

Age of the vineyards: 15 years

Soil composition: land rich in quartziferous porphyry which makes the soil acidic and sterile, very suitable for growing vines

Training system: Guyot

Number of vines per hectare:5,400 plants/hectare

Yield per hectare:8,000 kilograms/hectare

Harvest: Once the grapes are ripe at the end of September, they are harvested and sorted by hand to ensure the highest quality and best features of the bunches

Vinification:Gentle contact of the must with the skins during pressing. Clarification by cooling the must and controlled-temperature fermentation

Aging:1 month in steel tanks



Soft pink


Persistent bouquet rich in floral and fruity notes


Fresh and delicate, with the personality of Nebbiolo


Delicate and fish dishes. Also excellent for aperitifs