Grape variety: 100% indigenous white grapes (see regulations)

Production area: Boca, Prato Sesia

Exposure of the vineyards: South, South-West

Altitude of the vineyards: 400-460 metres above sea level

Surface area: 1 hectare

Age of the vineyards: 0.5 ha 6 years; 0.5 ha 4 years

Soil composition: land rich in porphyry which makes the soil acidic and sterile

Training system: Guyot

Number of vines per hectare: 3,800 plants/hectare

Yield per hectare: 8,000 kilograms/hectare

Harvest: second/third decade of September, manual selection and harvesting

Vinification: Maceration on the skins for about 2 weeks in steel tanks

Fermentation: Malolactic with natural indigenous yeasts. Extremely low in sulphites

Aging: 8/10 months in steel tanks. On the market 10 months after harvest



Intense yellow with amber highlights


Maceration on the skins enriches the must with aromatic substances, resulting in a wine rich in perfumes and creating a bouquet of tertiary aromas such as ripe fruit and spices


It is a mouth-filling, bold, and full-bodied wine. It is quite gastronomic


Suitable for pairing with regional dishes